The Serbian Society for Autism hosts the 3rd transnational meeting of the IPA+ project

From the 12th to the 13th March 2018, 12 partners from Serbia, Portugal, Spain and Belgium met in Serbia within the framework of the IPA+ project, aiming at sharing an understanding of the project’s progress as well as to ensure its viability and success.

During this two-day meeting, partners from 5 different entities gathered at the Belgrade Inn Garni Hotel to exchange updates about the project and assess the preliminary results and impressions of the ongoing IPA+ pilot courses. This meeting was also greeted by the President of the Serbian Society for Autism, Vesna Petrović.

During their stay in Serbia, partners had the opportunity to visit the primary school “Anton Skala”, as well as a centre for accommodation and daycare for children and adults with disabilities called “Sunce”, both in Belgrade. IPA+ partners could discuss and exchange different procedures and methods related with their work and the daily life of autistic people with regard to education, employment, lifelong support, social inclusion, parenting, sexuality, legal capacity, etc.

Feedback from participants from Serbia rated the cooperation as “very important for all of us (Serbian entities) because the exchange of experiences and opinions between parents and experts is essential, especially when it is on an international level”.

The project’s next steps include delivering the latest modules of the IPA+ pilot courses, which will be running until the beginning of May simultaneously in Belgrade, Lisbon and Burgos. In October 2018, a multiplier event will be held in each of these cities to present the project’s results, as well as an online toolkit on the IPA+ training.

In November 2018, an international multiplier event will be held in Brussels (Belgium) in conjunction with the final transnational IPA+ meeting. All these actions will be undertaken hand in hand with the updating of the project’s communication channels and dissemination on the project in different conferences and events, such as the XIX AETAPI National Congress in Cartagena (Spain), or the next Assistive technology and Communication Conference in Belgrade (Serbia).

The final result will be delivered not only to those professionals who want to have some basic tools for working alongside persons with autism (basic level) but also to those who want to go more into depth in their field of expertise (advanced level).

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