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Project Description

Serbian Society of Autism


Serbian Society of Autism was established in 1977. 16 local associations operate within the Society, and this network is constantly expanding. Society is a non-profit organization and all active members, parents and professionals are volunteers. The General Assembly and Managing Board consists of parents from all over Serbia, making all decisions regarding the operation of the Society

The Society also has a Team of experts, which is composed of: therapists, teachers, special educators, psychologists, psychiatrists, caregivers, nurses etc.

The financing of SSA work is carried out through projects and donations. Society is a member of National organization of persons with disabilities of Serbia and is a full member of Autism Europe.

The mission of the Society is improving the quality of life of people with autism and their families with a focus on preservation, protection, enhancement and promotion of internationally established standards in the field of human rights and civil liberties.

The Society is continuously working on solutions for the rights of people with autism to:

  • Adequate diagnostics
  • Education
  • Right to work
  • Quality medical care
  • Social care
  • Help their families

Society is working on:

  • Representing the rights of people with autism and their families
  • Providing advocacy services for people with autism and their families
  • Empowering families of people with autism
  • Educating parents and professionals
  • Creating and implementing of support services
  • Initiated the opening of the first daily centers in the country (since 1989.)
  • Respite care service
  • Weekend program
  • Family assistant
  • Advisory and therapeutic support services for parents
  • Help line
  • Informer for the exercise of the rights and procedures of people with autism and their families

Society was also actively involved in making and adoption of:

  • The Law on inclusive education
  • The Law on rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities
  •  The Law on Health protection
  •  The Information Law

Mid-term objectives of the society:

  1. The formation of a National Registry that would allow a precise insight into the number of people with autism in Serbia. The Register would also facilitate the implementation of the rights of persons with autism, the state budgeting and resources.
  2. Adoption of a National Strategy for autism, which would cover issues from the earliest (diagnostics) to eldest age (health treatment) of persons with autism.
  3. Respecting and practicing all adopted laws protecting the rights of people with autism.
  4. Development of support services such as daily care centers, family assistant project, respite care services, supported living and their implementation in the system.
  5. Higher education and the existence of adequate occupations for people with autism, so employment in the labor market conditions becomes possible.
  6. Greater education of health workers to treat illnesses that are not a consequence of autism, such as diseases in cardiology, neurology, oncology, gynecology, etc.
  7. The inclusion of individuals and groups directly affected by autism (parents and associations) in the process of adopting laws, policies and decisions

Staff involved

Nenad Glumbić
Nenad GlumbićIPA+ Researcher and trainer

PhD in Special Education from the University of Belgrade (Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation). Full professor at the University of Belgrade and principal researcher of the project “Social Participation of the Persons with Intellectual Disability”. His research has been focused on autism and intellectual disabilities. He is author and co-author of 3 books and more than 300 research articles. As a research fellow, he spent two months at Bristol University and Oxford University.

He collaborated in the projects “The Quality Improvement of Welfare Services for Persons with Disabilities (Ministry of Labor and Social Policy); “Local Action Plan for Children” (UNICEF); “Establishment of the Center for Inclusive Preschool Education in Kragujevac” (UN – Habitat); “Structuring and Institutionalizing Day Care Service” (Humanitarian organization “Dečje srce”); “Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in Education and Employment of Persons with Disabilities” – Midway” (USAID Mission in Serbia); “Support to the work of Commissions for Assessment and Orientation of Children with Special Educational Needs and Day Care Centres for Children with Disability” (UNICEF – Montenegro office); “Social Welfare And Child Care System Reform: Enhancing Social Inclusion” (UNDP).

Sunčica Petrović
Sunčica PetrovićIPA+ Technician and trainer
International relations and project coordinator in Serbian Society of Autism (SSA). Member of SSA since 1999. Member of Autism Europe since 2007.

SSA team leader in projects „IPA+: Inclusion of people with autism in Europe. Towards a specialized training model for professionals“, funded by Erasmus+ and “DE-ENIGMA: Enhancing children’s social communication”, funded by H2020.
Designing and writing of national projects: ‘’Truth and prejudice about autism’’, ‘’Family assistant’’, ‘’Weekend program’’, ‘’Legal assistance’’, ‘’Parent advisory program’’. Planning, organizing, fundraising, moderation of international conferences and round tables: ‘’Autism 2006.’’, ‘’Equal opportunities for all’’.
Planning and organization of events and campaigns: Musical CD ‘’Fairy song’’ promotion (children with autism singing), ‘’Light it up blue’’ (International Autism World Awareness Day campaign – annually), European Day of Autism – annually.
Cooperation with related organizations and institutions: Ministry of social affairs, Ministry of Helath, Autism Europe, Autism Speaks, UNDP.

Cooperation, study visits and exchange of experience organizations with autism societies throughout Europe.

Implementation of best practice solutions in accordance with local needs. Advocating for legislation change in accordance with program goals and objectives of the Society.