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Overview of the training

In the framework of the IPA+ project two courses have been developed aimed at increasing professional competences of people interested in working in the ASD field. The content of both courses is based on the results gathered from a literature review and by consulting experts with a wide experience in autism through focus groups. Moreover, the curriculum of the courses was validated through a Delphi study involving a panel of relevant stakeholders composed of professionals, trainers, people with ASD and their families.

On the basis of the information collected two courses with different complexity levels were outlined: the first course has an introductory approach to ASD and the second one has a deeper approach. The main objectives of each course as well as some transversal objective common to both are listed below:

Level I ‘Comprehensive Course’

The main objective of this course level is to understand and learn about autism. Its specific objectives are:

  • Introduction to autism.
  • Assessment of personal skills/self-efficiency to work/deal with/get in contact with autism.
  • Presentation of different profiles to work/deal with/get in contact in autism.
  • Awareness of ethics and rights in the work in autism (e.g. inclusion, quality of life, etc.).
  • Provision of a practical dimension for the work in autism.
  • Acquisition of knowledge and skills to work/deal with/get in contact with people with autism.

Level II ‘Expert Course’

The main objective of this course level is to improve, broaden and update knowledge and skills about autism. And the specific objectives are the following:

  • Completing knowledge already acquired about autism.
  • Broaden approaches, interventions and communication in the work of autism.
  • Development of criteria to identify good practices.
  • Development of open-mindedness.
  • Improvement of the ability to transfer their knowledge about autism to other professionals – promotion of knowledge exchange with other professionals and stakeholders.
  • Self-preservation skills as professionals (e.g. prevention of anxiety, burnout, etc.).

Transversal Objectives

Both levels have in common the following objectives:

  • Promotion of evidence-based approaches.
  • Promotion of multidisciplinary approaches.
  • Strengthening of communication with families.
  • Promotion of inclusion and respect of the rights of people with autism.
  • Involvement and promotion of self-advocate.
  • Reinforcement of a positive approach of autism based on strengths.
  • Promotion of education throughout lifespan.
  • Approaching a transnational dimension of autism.

Encouragement of curiosity, motivation and upgrading skills in professionals.