Lisbon holds the second IPA+ project’s transnational meeting

From the 27th to the 28th April, IPA+ partners held the second transnational project meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, hosted by the Portuguese Federation for Autism (FPDA). This meeting, attended by 12 people from four different countries, aimed to share an understanding of the project’s progress as well as to ensure its viability and success.

During the meeting, important decisions were taken about the content and thematic areas for the development of learning modules within the training sessions.  The final result will be delivered in the framework of the project not only to those professionals who want to have some basic tools for working alongside persons with autism (basic level) but also to those who want to go into more depth in their field of expertise (advanced level).

In this respect, an initial five-day training session will be held in Burgos (Spain) during the first week of October 2017 to IPA+ trainers coming from each of the project’s participating countries. The project foresees four transnational meetings over its three-year lifespan.

The project’s next steps will be the course’s implementation following to the curriculum and learning modules, once validated by stakeholder feedback collected using the Delphi methodology by a group of experts from the different countries participating in the project. The Delphi technic is designed as a group communication process aiming to achieve a convergence of opinion on a specific issue by using a series of questionnaires delivered using multiple iterations to collect data from a panel of selected experts.

The course will be implemented in Burgos, Lisbon (Portugal) and Belgrade (Serbia) in the same period to groups of between 10-15 participants. The course will be blended with both face-to-face and online sessions which will stimulate participation, especially for employed professionals.

All these actions will be realised hand in hand with the launch of the project website and social media networks.

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