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LEVEL I – Comprehensive course

Module 6

Characteristics and needs in different contexts and stages of life

a) Presentation of autistic symptoms in a childhood.

b) Support needs in a childhood.

c) Presentation of autistic symptoms in adolescence.

d) Support needs in an adolescence.

e) Presentation of autistic symptoms in adulthood.

f) Support needs in an adulthood.

e) Support services organized in each context.

  1. Know differences in clinical presentation of autism along the life course.
  2. Understand accumulated challenges of long-term care.
  3. Get acquainted with support services provided to people with autism in different life stages.

The trainee should complete five theoretical-practical activities and then complete a self-evaluation questionnaire consisting of 20 questions.

It is considered that the trainee was successfully completed the module if he or she realizes all the activities envisaged and gave at least 75% of the correct answers on the evaluation test.

Self assessment questionnaire