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LEVEL I – Comprehensive course

Module 2

Definition and conceptualisation of autism

a) Main characteristics of autism according to DSM-5.

  • Signs of social communication deficits
  • Signs of restricted/repetitive behavior
  • Common issues associated with autism and comorbidities

b) Important features to keep in mind when working with autistic people.

c) The processes and tools for assessing autism.

d) The ‘Autism Checklist’ as a first step to signalling autism.

  • Questions within the checklist that can show if a child needs a follow-up referral

e) Current understanding of the causes of autism.
d) Common misconceptions about autism causes and treatments.

  • Vaccines
  • Gluten-free diets
  • Packing
  • Chelation
  • Bleach therapy
  1. Know the characteristics of autism.
  2. Better understand the screening and diagnosis process.
  3. Be aware of false beliefs that can be detrimental to autistic people.
  1. Other links:

The trainees have to make 3 theoretical-practical activities.

In addition, they must have to do a self-assessment test of 20 items, which that will be considered approved, provided that at least 75% of the questions are answered correctly.

Self assessment questionnaire