Registration now open to participate in IPA+ pilot courses

The IPA+ project is now accepting entries from all professionals working with people with autism, independently of their area of knowledge, to participate in the pilot courses that the project will be delivering in Spain, Portugal and Serbia from February to May 2018.

The training developed under the European Commission’s Erasmus + Programme IPA+ includes a basic level for professionals who will work with people on the autism spectrum, and an advanced level for professionals who want to acquire specialist knowledge and skills. The training curriculum has a lifelong perspective, following an evidence-centred approach, and the contents are based on scientific advances and outputs.

There are 15 expected vacancies per course level (15 people for the basic level and 15 for the advance level) per country. The course will combine both face-to-face and online sessions, which will stimulate participation, especially for employed professionals. At the end of the course, official certificates will be provided.

How do you apply?


  • Partner in charge: Portuguese Federation for Autism (FPDA)
  • Location: Lisbon
  • Starting date: 19/02/2018
  • Venue of face-to-face sessions: To be confirmed
  • IPA+ trainers: Rita Serpa Soares, Inês Alexandra Fernandes Neto and Sandra Raquel Marques Cruz.
  • Registration: People interested in participating should:


  • Partner in charge: Autismo Burgos
  • Location: Burgos
  • Starting date: 19/02/2018
  • Venue of face-to-face sessions: Training Room, Day Center for people with Autism – Autismo Burgos, Calle Rebolledas s/n
  • IPA+ trainers: Christian García, José Luis Cuesta and Celia Gil
  • Registration: Recruitment will be overseen by the team at Autismo Burgos and volunteers from the University of Burgos. Registration is also open for external professionals.


  • Partner in charge: Serbian Society of Autism (SSA)
  • Location: Belgrade
  • Starting date: 19/02/2018
  • Venue of face-to-face sessions: Meeting Room, Serbian Society of Autism.
  • IPA+ trainers: Nenad Glumbic, Vesna Petrovic and Milica Jacevski
  • Registration: The recruitment will be done by SSA’s contact network and via an open invitation launched made available on social media (for external people).
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