150 participants learn about training on autism in Lisbon

Around 150 parents, professionals, students, policy-makers, invited guests and other stakeholders attended the first IPA+ project national event “Autism- training for inclusion”, held on October 12 in the União de Associações do Comércio e Serviços of Lisobon.

Hosted by the Federaçao Portuguesa de Autismo (FPDA), the conference raised awareness about the importance of  education for professionals in autism and shared the work and expertise of the project partners to a wider audience. The IPA+ curriculum and toolkit, developed in collaboration with partners from across Europe, was also introduced. Other topics were also covered such as the pilot courses undertaken in Portugal and the feedback from students, new prospects of employment for people with disability; early intervention and the quality of life of the family and inclusive education of autistic people.

The Secretary of State for Inclusion of People with Disability, the Director of Department of Persons with Disability in the Institute of Employment and Professional Training (IEFP) and the Vice President of National Institute for Rehabilitation (INR) participated as speakers on this conference. António Sérgio, Director of a training center for teachers and psychologists, stated:

“This conference is a privileged space and a key moment for the training of professionals on education, families and friends. Critical discussion is promoted and knowledge is shared and this is very important for the education of people on the autism spectrum”

A wide range of stakeholders participated on this event, such as representatives of the Secretariat of State for Inclusion of People with Disability, the Institute of Employment and Professional Training (IEFP), the National Institute for Rehabilitation (INR), National System of Early Intervention (SNIPI), different NGOs of people with disabilities, Private Social Solidarity Institutions, City Councils, academics, students, and people on the autism spectrum.

Participants enjoyed a musical performance from the FPDA Banda ‘Brilha o sol’, which includes musicians on the autism spectrum.

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